Due to the COVID pandemic, we have implemented safety changes to our office procedures


All Staff are screened for COVID risks factors and will have their temperatures checked & recorded each day


Staff will wear masks at all times in office


We continue to sterilize, sanitize, and disinfect all touchpoints in our office throughout the day, and in each room after each patient encounter


All patients will be screened for COVID risk factors prior to making an appointment


Patients will be asked to wait in car until called to enter waiting room.  We will have only one (1) patient in the waiting room at any time.  Any accompanying person with patient will be asked to wait in the car unless the person is needed by the patient for the examination


We have removed magazines in all waiting rooms to avoid shared touch items in the office


Patients will need to wear a face mask while in the office for the entire visit; we will provide a fitted mask, free of charge.  If a patient cannot wear a mask for a medical reason or has a concern about wearing a mask, please bring this to the attention of the front desk personnel prior to the examination


Patients will have temperature taken and asked to apply hand sanitizer before entering exam area


While in the exam room we will attempt to limit conversation to medical/eye information to reduce risk of droplet transmission in a confined space


Please let Dr. Gilmer know of any concerns or suggestions. Thank you and stay safe!