Glaucoma is not just one eye disease but a group of eye conditions resulting in optic nerve damage and gradual loss of sight.  Glaucoma often occurs without any symptoms noticed by the patient; for this reason, it is recommended to have a dilated examination by your ophthalmologist on a regular basis.  Our patients can expect careful diagnostic imaging and treatment for Glaucoma including medical and laser therapy. 

Macular Degeneration

Macular Degeneration is a chronic eye disease causing vision loss in the center of your field of vision. At this time there is no known cure, though effective treatments are available. Dr. Gilmer will perform a comprehensive eye exam to determine if you have macular degeneration and assess the best management options to help preserve your vision.   


Diabetes can affect many parts of the body, including the eyes.  Patients with diabetes are recommended to have a dilated eye examination to check for diabetic eye disease; ask your primary care physician for a recommended schedule for when to be seen by your ophthalmologist. Attention to all aspects of good eye health in our diabetic patients is what you can expect from the medical professionals at Riverside Eye Clinic.

Corneal Disease

The cornea plays a key role in sharp vision. When it is damaged by infection, injury or disease, vision may deteriorate. Our eye care professionals provide thorough examination, diagnosis and treatment for infections of the cornea, inflammation and corneal dystrophies.  Dr. Gilmer completed sub-specialty fellowship training in corneal disease at the University of California, San Francisco.  

Eyelid Lesions

Conditions that cause lesions of the eye lid include both benign and malignant types. Dr. Gilmer will complete a detailed patient examination and perform excisions for skin cancers and other eye lid abnormalities if necessary.

Comprehensive Exams for Adults and Children

Annual eye examinations are recommended for maintaining good overall eye health and early diagnosis of eye disease or vision impairment. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Gilmer today and visit us regularly each year. Regular exams are especially important for growing children whose eyes change significantly in the course of a year. We provide healthy eye exams for kids, diagnosis and treatment of eye problems, and eye glass prescriptions.

Eyeglasses Rx and Contact Lenses

We will provide eyeglass and contact lenses on request after performing a refraction during your exam

Medical Botox

Dr. Gilmer performs medical BOTOX injections for blepharospasm.